Git and GitHub

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to use git a bit more.  I found myself writing scripts, making minor tweaks here and there, and then saving them as V2 or V3 and so on. This became a bit troublesome because I kept forgetting what changes I have made and others using … Continue reading Git and GitHub

Moving Files with Python

YouTube is one of my favorite resources on the Internet.  While there are plenty of good blogs and articles related to data analysis and programming, there’s nothing like a good how-to video. A few weeks ago, YouTube suggested Corey Schafer’s channel to me. Corey has a bunch of great python and linux/mac videos and I’ve … Continue reading Moving Files with Python

“Intermediate” Excel with R

Before finding my home at Fetch, I looked over tons of Job Descriptions. With everything becoming “data driven” these days, every role requires some familiarity with data and Microsoft Excel. I remember many of them requiring “Intermediate” skills, more specifically, pivot tables and Vlookup. While Excel is a solid starting point for organizing and manipulating … Continue reading “Intermediate” Excel with R