Git and GitHub

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to use git a bit more.  I found myself writing scripts, making minor tweaks here and there, and then saving them as V2 or V3 and so on. This became a bit troublesome because I kept forgetting what changes I have made and others using my scripts find themselves using outdated versions. Git can, of course, help with these problems.

Aside from these issues, while writing my last post, I found some weird quirks with posting code in WordPress. For some strange reason, posting code in the HTML editor and then rendering the page for a preview sometimes removes a few lines of the code. This is quite annoying because of one the main reasons I want to write these posts is to share some of the snippets that I’ve found useful. So, to double check and ensure that all of the code I’m sharing is complete, I’ve added every script, notebook, and some of the sample data to my GitHub page.

Git can be a bit tricky at times so here all of the resources that helped me get this page up and running.


Git Cheat Sheet
Git For Beginners – Ryan Florence
R Packages – Git and GitHub – Hadley Wickham
YouTube – Corey Schafer – Git Playlist
YouTube – Michael Herman – Development Environment in Python – Part 2: Git and Github
mjhea0/thinkful-mentor Basic Git/Github Workflow

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