Accessing Google Drive with R

I recently purchased a Mac as my personal machine. While working on my “Intermediate” Excel posts, I found myself needing to create and manipulate some sample data. Without Microsoft Excel and not wanting to shell out even more money for software, I turned to the next best of option: Google Sheets. Let’s face it, no … Continue reading Accessing Google Drive with R

“Intermediate” Excel With Python

In my last post, I shared some examples of "Intermediate” Excel functions in R, focusing on pivot tables and Vlookup. This week, I’m going to look at the same skills but in Python.  While R and Python have some similarities, they certainly have their differences as well. I’ll try to point out the subtle differences … Continue reading “Intermediate” Excel With Python

“Intermediate” Excel with R

Before finding my home at Fetch, I looked over tons of Job Descriptions. With everything becoming “data driven” these days, every role requires some familiarity with data and Microsoft Excel. I remember many of them requiring “Intermediate” skills, more specifically, pivot tables and Vlookup. While Excel is a solid starting point for organizing and manipulating … Continue reading “Intermediate” Excel with R